Home Showing Tips

A few tips to help your home showings go as smoothly as possible.


Be as flexible and accommodating to the buyer’s schedule as possible. We want to avoid having misses opportunities if at all possible.


Make sure everyone in the home is informed when showings are to happen so they can keep their spaces clean.

Daily Cleaning

Keep up with daily messes. Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters before leaving for the day.


Avoid strong-smelling foods. Keep your meal prep as neutral and simple as possible.

Furry Friends

Keep pet areas clean. Clean up after your pets immediately and wash their bedding regularly. Hide pet food or litter. Not everyone is a pet person and it may hinder a potential buyer’s ability to picture themselves living in your home.

Natural Light

Open blinds and curtains and let in as much natural light as possible. Leave lights on before you leave for a showing.


Empty trash cans to avoid any odors. Try to empty trash cans nightly so that the home is fresh when you leave for the day.


Keep the room temperature comfortable. This demonstrates to buyers that the HVAC is working properly.


Make sure you place all valuables and prescriptions out of site and in a safe place.


Having a seller present can make buyers feel awkward. We want to make the buyers feel at home and stay awhile.